The Centena Saga

A cool, bright morning in January 1980 saw “Maritronics” – a small marine electronics service company – established in Dubai. Growing from strength to strength, Maritronics was awarded with the prestigious “Dubai Quality Appreciation Program” in the year 1999 for its efforts and commitment towards achieving quality in its segment. By this time, it had become a company offering diversified solutions in the fields of marine electronics, industrial automation and life & analytical sciences. Keeping up with the advancements in the technology field and the region’s needs for security products & solutions inspired the company to add a new dimension to its existing portfolio in the identification and security domain called ScreenCheck in 2003.

With the world changing at a dizzying speed, it was time to evolve and adopt a prolific strategy for further growth and consolidation. Hence, the company was restructured in the year 2004 - The Centena Group was born.

Continuing the ideologies based on innovation and focus on building future leaders, Atlab was formed in the year 2012, delivering world class innovative technology-based, hands-on learning and training systems. This initiative encouraged us to move ahead in our journey towards excellence and reiterating our belief to contribute to a more meaningful quality of life in the community we serve.

With over three decades of business expertise, Centena Group of companies prides itself as a financially stable company and a front-runner in innovation, human capital development and corporate governance, which has resulted in Centena Group being featured twice in Dubai’s Top 100 SME companies.

Centena Group offers innovative and cutting edge solutions in the field of science & technology in the following industries:

  • Maritime
  • Industrial Automation
  • Life & Analytical Sciences
  • Identification & Security
  • Educational Training Solutions