Our Core Strength

Our goal as a technology house is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary and our core strengths help us to achieve this.

A Tradition Of Seamless Service

Well into the 4th decade of its business operations, Centena has always been careful in studying and identifying customer needs accurately in close cooperation with the user on one side and the suppliers on the other. The objective is to find the most suitable solution to the real need. Centena has the capability to develop a solution in-house, customize an existing one to suit the application or undertake a global sourcing exercise to fulfill the task.

Dynamic Practices Of Operational And Financial Management

The operational and financial management functions of all units of Centena are highly disciplined and multifaceted. This arrangement facilitates timely decisions on optimised utilisation of resources. It further ensures achievement and sustenance of sound financial security as well as fast and smooth responses to market forces and demands.

Strength In Diversity

Centena operates in a variety of fields, the common denominator being application of science and technology for continuous enhancement of quality and ease of life. The collective wealth of technological knowledge and competence available within as well as accessible from external sources, is effectively converged and consolidated by close collaboration between business units and their teams. This unique strength emboldens Centena to maintain its entrepreneurial attitude, to create and achieve innovative engineering solutions.

Global Presence And Global Connections

Principals, suppliers, customers as well as offices of Centena business units and accredited associates are spread far and wide in different parts of the world. Centena is a global player – geographically, technologically and operationally.