Our Vision, Mission And Values


A technology house that exceeds customer expectations by innovative and adaptive engineering practices.


Empowering our employees in providing innovative cutting-edge solutions in the field of science & technology to improve the quality of life of our society.


Our Values-Pillars Of Our Passion


Commitment to service excellence is a key motivating factor that brings out the best in Centena. The quest for continuous improvement in its service quality is an ongoing activity. We strive to devise the best solutions by systematic investment in research & development, training and by staying abreast of emerging advancements in technology.


Innovation is an important component of Centena's business model. Every day, the challenge is to come up with newer and more advanced ways of creating value for society. The underlying love for innovation and technology has helped Centena to pioneer and successfully launch several path-breaking projects that have made life easier and safer. By partnering in state-of-the-art projects like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, Centena endeavours to bring about a positive change in the way these subjects are learned.


Centena believes in not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations each time. The customers’ expressed requirements are studied proactively with them so as to arrive at the best quality products and services in a timely manner. This process is disciplined and transparent, incorporating a strict code of compliance with quality standards and a robust auditing procedure.