Centena Logo

The Centena logo pays homage to the dynamism and balance of the universe. The eternal dance of the celestial bodies in the sky has always filled hearts and minds with wonder. The very concept of time, may it be years or nanoseconds, is derived from the precision and predictability of the movement of our home – the planet Earth – from timelessness to timelessness. Nothing is ever still. We are always reminded that we move in harmony with those around us, just as the planets and stars do with those around them.

The Colours Too Have Something To Say

The colours of Centena logo are just as symbolic as the logo.

Orange represents the Sun – the ever dependable source of energy, brightness and cheer. Orange is also the colour of safety and visibility.

Blue represents foundational thinking and relationships. Like the deep blue sea, it emphasizes the ever expanding horizon of opportunities.

Green relates to renewal, hope and vigour. To Centena, it is a colour that highlights inspired thoughts, growth and sustainability.